How to assign new resources to existing jobs

By default, a resource’s availability in RB8 does not exist prior to the day you entered the resource into the system. But what if you want to assign a newly entered resource to jobs that are already in your RB8 Calendar?

Jason Yee, OMTI Client Support Manager, shows you how to create resource availability in this instructional video.

  1. If you want to assign a new resource to a previous job, you can do it by using the Resource Availability feature.
  2. In RB8, click Calendar > Resource Availability.
  3. Click Actions, or right-click on the empty grid, and select Create Availability.
  4. In the Create Availability window, click the binoculars button to search for and select the resource that you want to create availability for.
  5. In the Date From pop-up date navigator, pick a date in the past, such as the earliest job date that you want to assign the resource to.
  6. Click OK. In the pop-up that appears, click OK again.

After creating resource availability for the earlier time, you can assign the resource to the desired job(s). For more instructions, refer to the RB8 User Guide, p. 91 or this video.

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