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Information about ReporterBase & MetaRecords, business management software for legal support businesses

Offer direct deposit

Did you know you could save anywhere from $1.00 to $2.50 per payment by using direct deposit instead of paper checks? In addition to substantial cost savings, there are other benefits: Direct deposit eliminates manual check preparation and mailing. Direct … Continue reading

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Outsourcing scanning

Even though you have an in-house scanner, it may not be your best solution for scanning: If your scanner is also the office copier, scanning could only be done after hours. The scanner might be too slow. The workspace set-up … Continue reading

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Outsource to improve profitability

Outsourcing can be a good way to increase your business’s profitability when you hand off discrete business processes to specialists in those processes. It frees you and your staff to concentrate on the profit centers in your business — the … Continue reading

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Offer online pay statements

If you have RB Web, reporters and other resources can access their pay statements online so that you do not have to mail them paper statements. They don’t have to worry about losing their pay statements – they can access … Continue reading

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Reduce delinquent accounts

One of the most effective ways of managing accounts receivable is to reduce the number of delinquent accounts. The key element required in accomplishing this goal is consistency. And consistency is built upon process. You should implement the following system … Continue reading

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Do more/earn more with RB8

To help you get the most out of your tools, we’ve asked some of your fellow RB users about how they use RB to attract clients, increase efficiency and be more profitable. In this article, we compiled some of their tips for using online case repositories, RB-PDF transcripts, and paperless archives. Continue reading

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