Outsourcing scanning

Even though you have an in-house scanner, it may not be your best solution for scanning:

  • If your scanner is also the office copier, scanning could only be done after hours.
  • The scanner might be too slow.
  • The workspace set-up might not be efficient for scanning.
  • The condition of the documents to be scanned – different paper sizes, wrinkles, staples, faded fax printouts – might require special handling.

Outsourcing scanning to a copy service can be the solution. It is faster and cost effective for a company without a dedicated scanner system.
If you want to do it in-house instead:

  • Get a quality scanner,
  • Learn how to use your scanner software, and
  • Set up an efficient workspace for scanning.

File naming conventions:
Come up with a consistent, easily understood system early on. For example, using documents’ Bates numbering with a 3-letter case name prefix.

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