Yong presents Best Practices in web marketing

Do you market your services on the web? If so, how pleased are you with the results? Do you want to learn more about marketing to lawyers on the web?

With 20 years of developing software and services for court reporting firms, OMTI President Yong Lee has some insight into your market and the unique aspects of marketing your services to attorneys. On April 15, 2005, he shared some of his ideas and strategies for successfully marketing your business on the web with members of the National Network Reporting Company (NNRC).

NNRC is an organization of independent court reporting firms nationwide with an interest in technology and innovation in the court reporting business. At their meeting in Austin, Texas, Yong discussed marketing court reporting services on the web. He talked about the different markets court reporting firms have and what makes the legal market unique.

For example, precedence is an important legal concept. Ruling are often made based on precedence: Something was done before and accepted; therefore it’s more likely to be the legally correct thing to do.

Since lawyers use precedence as an argument in their work all the time, it turns out to be something they apply in other areas of their lives as well. Such as when deciding between two service providers. If one offers services that other attorneys use and the second one offers something new, you can count on most lawyers selecting the firm with the “attorney-approved” services — no matter how great the new service might be.

With that being the case, Yong showed the group RB Web, our “attorney-approved” online office product. Instead of developing your own proprietary online depo request form, depo calendar and transcript repository — and then trying to get some attorney to “go first,” he recommends that you get RB Web instead, the service lawyers ask for by name.

In addition to discussing other unique aspects of the legal market, Yong talked about what works (and doesn’t work) in web marketing. Then he demonstrated best practices for handling attorney requests and transcripts using RB Web.

Finally, he showed how ReporterBase helps its clients market their services to attorneys with free marketing materials, such as brochures and manuals.

Yong plans to give more industry talks in the future. If you have a group that would be interested in having Yong make a presentation on Best Practices in areas of the court reporting business, such as web marketing, please contact OMTI.


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