Last update of 2021 includes new Help function

ReporterBase version 9.24, released December 27, 2021, improves Zoom meeting scheduling, incorporates the latest DYMO software for printing labels, and has a new Help function.

Better Zoom meetings

Several improvements were made to RB9 Zoom meetings:

  • RB9 will display a warning message when scheduling a new Zoom meeting if it overlaps with existing scheduled meetings for the selected Zoom Account.
  • The “Automatically record meeting on the local computer” slider has been changed to an “Automatically record meeting (if selected option is unavailable, this option will be ignored)” drop-down. In addition to the existing options of no/manual recording and recording on the host/local computer, users can now choose to record the meeting to their Zoom account in the Cloud.
  • The Zoom Passcode option has been removed. Instead, RB9 will use an automatically generated passcode by Zoom.

Latest DYMO capabilities

DYMO has discontinued the DYMO Label Web Service application and replaced it with DYMO Connect. We have updated RB9’s Labels to include both the discontinued DYMO software format (*.label), and the new DYMO label software format (*.dymo) as options when creating and applying label templates.

New Help function

We added a new function under the Help menu called Update History, where you can read and print out lists of what was included in every RB9 update released.


  • Search performance has been improved throughout the system.
  • Bug in the Schedule with Zoom Account drop-down has been fixed.
  • Juneteenth has been added to the calendar holidays.
  • Updated Payables to work with 2021’s 1099-NEC form.
  • Bug in RB Connect’s top menu-bar display has been fixed.

For the full list of this update and previous updates, visit the RB9 updates section.

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