Free marketing content for your RB Connect promos

RB Connect logoAs you probably know, OMTI offers free RB logos, PDFs, and Word docs you can use to market your services. This month we have added a document with marketing copy and bullet points about RB Connect that you can use in your advertising and marketing.

Since RB Connect is highly customizable, we have included all of its features and options in a Word doc. Edit the contents of the file to match your services, then use those contents anywhere you want to market your RB Connect. We have included a second Word doc that offers instructions and suggestions for how to use the contents in your marketing materials.

Tailor the contents to match your business

If you give clients access to all of the functions in RB Connect and offer RB Connect Mobile too, then you might be able to use the marketing copy as is. You should still check it though because it also includes all of RB Connect’s security options which you might not use. For example if you do not allow users to sign in via social media you will want to delete that reference.

RB Connect Mobile icon

If you don’t offer RB Connect Mobile delete the section titled “Mobile”

The same thing goes for other features. If you do not offer reward points, delete the section that refers to them. If you do not offer RB Connect Mobile, delete the Mobile section.

At the same time you can add other company information, such as your company branding, mission statement, additional services, etc. to make the contents speak to everything you can do for your clients. And if you refer to your RB Connect by a different name be sure to change all RB Connect references to your custom name.

Use any or all of the information as you want

There are no restrictions on how you can use the marketing copy, and we include a list of some possible places to use it in the second Word doc. Those suggestions include:

  • Welcome brochure
  • Overview PowerPoint presentation
  • Ads
  • RB Connect login screen
  • RB Connect Dashboard Announcements
  • Newsletter articles
  • Email campaign
  • Orientation guide
  • Video scripts

Ready to market your RB Connect?

You can find these files on the Downloads page or on the Marketing Materials page. They are bundled together in a single zip file: RB Connect

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