New RB Connect function & lots of new features in RB9.20

The latest RB9 update, RB 9.20, will be released March 1st and includes some system-wide updates — such as true black font display for better visibility — plus new features in 28 RB9 functions and 5 RB Connect functions, and a new RB Connect function. Some of what’s new in RB9:

New & updated feature highlights

  • Customize results grids to work better for you
    User-set sticky columns replace system-wide fixed columns feature in results grids for improved performance. In customizable grids, you can:

    • Rearrange columns.
    • Resize column widths.
    • Show/hide columns.
    • Set sticky columns on the left of the grid that do not disappear when scrolling a long grid.
    • Save your customized grid layout.
    • Restore default layout.

    Visit the Updates page to see which results grids you can customize.

  • New job location type: Online Meeting
    When you select “Online Meeting” as the Location Type in a job, the Location field recognizes a URL address.
  • Add multiple tasks to a job at once
    When entering new job tasks, you select tasks from a list to add to the job.
  • Group Tasks in Progress by more parameters
    By default, Tasks in Progress results are grouped by resource. Now you can add additional grouping categories to the results, remove any grouping category, and re-arrange grouping order.
  • Resources can check in at job locations
    When a resource clicks Check In in RB Connect or RB Connect Mobile, the date and time are recorded in the Task pane of the job in the resource’s RB Connect/RB Connect Mobile, and the Task panel of the job in your RB9.
  • Tasks that don’t require turn-in can be hidden from task reports
    Designate tasks that don’t need a turn-in deadline, such as conference rooms, as “No Turn-in.” They will not appear in Tasks in Progress or Send Overdue Tasks Report, nor will they appear in assigned resources’ RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile Tasks in Progress or Turn In.
  • More information in results grids
    New columns added to the results grids in:

    • Jobs (List View): Status Changed displays the last changed date of the Job Status.
    • Tasks: Witness
    • Send Assignment Notifications/Cancellations: Start Time
    • Receivable Transaction Inquiry: Created By and Created
  • Continuously add new headers and messages to invoices
    Apply different invoice headers and messages without leaving the Set Invoice Headers or Set Invoice Messages panel in Turn In using Save and New feature.

New function in RB Connect

When users log into RB Connect, they are greeted by the new Dashboard. In addition to announcements from your company, the Dashboard displays and gives users access to these top functions:

  • Contact side:
    • Top 10 Upcoming Scheduled Jobs
    • Top 10 Jobs with Recently Uploaded Files
    • Total Payables.
  • Resource side:
    • Top 10 Upcoming Jobs
    • Top 10 Overdue Tasks
    • Total Receivables.

Users can resize and rearrange the layout of the different panes in the Dashboard window, then save their personalized layout.

RB Connect in IE11 and RB Connect Mobile do not have Dashboards; users will see Announcements only. RB Connect Mobile screens are too small for viewing multiple panes; and the IE11 browser does not support the Dashboard feature.

More update features 

  • RB Connect Turn In wizard includes onscreen instructions.
  • The maximum file name length when uploading to RB9 repositories has been extended from 128 to 256.
  • Delete system-created attachments before sending emails.
  • Enter Send To email addresses on the fly when Send To email field is blank.
  • Find jobs by ordering party or another job party in either List View or Monthly Calendars.
  • Resend Assignment Notifications to the same resource for the same task multiple times from within the task.
  • More data fields in Resource Blast: case name (caption or full), case number, and witness name.
  • Send contacts statements by their preferred method. (Consolidated statements will still use the firms’ preferred method.)
  • Bulk update invoice & statement sending methods.
  • Search for a specific word within a static report’s contents.
  • Footers in static reports show which search criteria were used to generate the particular report.
  • Update a party’s info to all existing jobs on a case at once.
  • Maximum file name length when uploading to RB9 repositories has been extended from 128 to 256.
  • Send job and/or assignment cancellation notices when jobs are rescheduled.
  • Prefill services from recent turn-ins expanded from 5 to 50.
  • Print or email an invoice from the View Invoice screen in Invoice Inquiry.
  • Billing sheets from online turn-in by resources include a COD field.

For the full list of this update’s features and more details — including video explanations of some new features — visit the RB9 latest update page.

NOTE: Internet Explorer is obsolete, time to switch
Some features in this latest RB9 update do not work in IE11. Microsoft will no longer support IE11 after August 17, 2021, and we will no longer support IE11 after December 31, 2021. RB9 will still work in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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