Target your marketing messages with tags

If you don’t have RB Connect, you might not think about using RB9 to market to your services. But RB9 has other functions for marketing your services. A good one is Tag Manager, which you can use to email marketing messages or use in combination with the Envelopes & Labels function to send traditional mailings.

To use Tag Manager, first create client categories as tags, then apply them to firms and contacts in your database. Once you have your clients tagged, you can use Tag Manager for your promotions.

Define categories for marketing

Set up tags for different types of clients. We usually give the examples of tagging clients for your holiday gift giving or your top 10 clients for special treatment. But there are a lot of other ways to categorize your clients lists for marketing purposes.

For example:

  • Designate all secretaries with a tag so you can send mailings to secretaries only. Same with paralegals. You could even differentiate lawyer types to send targeting mailings to.
  • Designate clients by the year they started using your services so you can send yearly thank you’s that specify the number of years they have been a client.
  • Make a habit of entering attending attorneys into your contact database with a tag designating them as attending so you can reach out to them periodically.
  • And there is nothing that says you can’t add law firms that aren’t your clients yet to your database tagged as “potential client” to market to.

You can attach multiple tags to individual contacts and firms, so they are included in all applicable marketing campaigns. And if you don’t want to include someone in a particular campaign, you can deselect them when compiling the list in Tag Manager.

Create a campaign

When you have a message to communicate, decide if it works best as an email or traditional mail (such as a card or gift or in the case of potential clients because you only have their physical addresses).

If you are sending an email, compose it in Tag Manager. You can format your email to make it more attractive with different fonts, type treatments, and colors. You can add tables and hyperlinks, and attachments.

Don’t forget your signature! You set up your signature in System Preferences > General > Email, and it can include your company logo (recommended). Whichever email is set as the default here will automatically appear as the signature for Tag Manager emails.

If you are sending a physical mailing, Tag Manager is linked to the Envelopes & Labels function. When you select the print option, Envelopes & Labels will open with the addresses selected in Tag Manager listed. Simply select your printing options, such as which label template to use or how you want the addresses printed on envelopes, then print.

By categorizing clients with relevant tags and creating targeted campaigns in RB9, you could see better results from your marketing efforts, reminding clients of your services, showing them appreciation for their patronage, and building stronger relationships.

Want more info?

If you want to find out more about the Tag Manager, read the RB 101 lesson. If you want to learn how to use it, read “Organizing with tags” and “Managing tags” in the RB9 User Guide.

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