Dress for the weather, not your server

dress for weather


Run your business to suit yourself, not your hardware

If you are like most records retrieval firms, you have a serious investment in hardware for running your business.

You may want to…

  • Dress lighter, but the AC is blasting 24/7 to keep your server operating.
  • Turn up the thermostat to save $$$ and stay acclimated to the outside temp, but your server can’t handle the heat.

This expensive piece of equipment requires constant cooling or else it will break down. Even though the long days and hot temperatures of summer are officially shorts weather, that is not the case in your Office of Perpetual Winter.

There is a way to handle your order processing, records retrieval, case repositories, and the rest of your business activities without a bunch of fussy hardware.

You don’t need a server in the office…

If you have MR8 Cloud. It moves your business management system to the cloud, eliminating the need for that demanding diva in your office.

  • No more server maintenance
  • No server hardware or software to buy
  • No IT commitment

You could actually save some cool cash on overhead…

While making yourself more comfortable. Plus:

  • Included file storage
  • Included better-than-backup system
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%.

All in all a pretty cool deal. Read the details in the MR8 Cloud white paper.

Find out more:

Read our MR8 Cloud white paper

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