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When you have something precious, you want to protect it

That’s why safes and combination locks were invented. But no matter how strong the safe is or how intricate the combination, someone with enough perseverance will crack the code — or just blow the safe apart — to get at what’s inside.

The same is true in your business’s digital world

You do what you can to safeguard your proprietary information from hackers and competitors, but do you really have the resources to keep both your clients’ and your own information safe?

Relieve yourself of these duties and worries by moving your business management and client files to MR8 Cloud office management system.

No worries about:

  • Hackers, bugs, or viruses.
  • Physical harm to your business, such as from natural disasters.

That’s because MR8 Cloud is on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, which has Microsoft’s resources, processes and commitment to guarantee the security and privacy of data.

Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services:

  • HIPAA certified
  • Follow ISO/IEC 27018, the only international set of privacy controls in the cloud
  • More certifications than any other cloud provider
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.95%. 

Microsoft Azure is a leader in data protection and privacy, which may be why 90% of Fortune 500 companies rely on Azure. Microsoft has the dedicated resources and expertise to safeguard your information now and in the future.

Join the top business leaders who have already made the switch to a secure platform. Read the details in the MR8 Cloud white paper.

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