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Whether you’re a records retrieval firm or process server, if you want:

  • Case management tools
  • Request fulfillment tracking
  • E-billing
  • Customizable business management system
  • No upfront expense
  • No ongoing maintenance obligation
  • Zero downtime
  • File repository storage included

…you want MR8 Cloud.With MR8 Cloud, you get all of that and more. MR8 Cloud is the MetaRecords business management system hosted on Microsoft Azure’s cloud platform. For over 30 years, MetaRecords has provided an integrated system which means you can do more and spend less on company overhead.You will need fewer:

  • Applications
  • Workstations
  • Work-arounds

…while following best practices for your industry.And by hosting it on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services, you don’t need your own:

  • Server
  • Back-up system
  • Repository storage
  • IT staff

…plus Microsoft guarantees a 99.95% uptime.If you want to offer integrated services through your company website, add MR Web, which lets your clients:

  • Check order status
  • Download files
  • Request records
  • Pay invoices, including CODs

…all online.

Like to know more?

We have assembled a white paper with details about MR8 Cloud, including how it will save you money on company infrastructure and overhead.

Find out more:

Read our MR8 Cloud white paper

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Part of a series informing records retrieval firms, process servers & other litigation support businesses about MetaRecords business management software & services.

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