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Starting your own company?

Or are you looking for a way to reduce overhead and simplify the process of running your business?

Look up and see what MR8 Cloud office management software has to offer. Whether you are a newbie or an established business, you can run your business from a laptop.

No need for:

  • servers
  • IT staff
  • backup systems
  • repository storage

It’s all in the cloud.

Instead of physical equipment and the office space to house it, software to run it, and people to maintain and troubleshoot it, your MetaRecords system resides on Microsoft’s Azure platform, the leading cloud service.

Add MR Web, and your clients can access case files, request patient files, and view the progress of their orders online.

And if you need a system quickly — for example, a client requires an online case repository ASAP — you can get connected and start using your new system in a day. So you don’t even need an office to start offering a full range of services: You can do it all from your laptop.

As your business grows, you can easily add more users, services, and online repository space as needed. And unlike a physical space or equipment, if you need less, you can cancel licenses, options or storage capacity, without penalty.

With MR8 Cloud, your next office could be here, there or anywhere you want to be. Read the details in the MR8 Cloud white paper.

Find out more:

Read our MR8 Cloud white paper

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