What is RB9?

Lesson #1
RB9 overview

RB9 is an online application used by court reporting agencies and other legal support businesses to:

  • Schedule services, such as deposition transcription
  • Manage and communicate with clients, reporters, and resources
  • Produce products, such as transcripts
  • Ship finished products to clients
  • Store case files and other documents
  • Bill clients
  • Pay resources
  • Receive payments
  • Document activities in reports
  • Perform miscellaneous tasks

RB9 includes over 100 functions to handle everything done in the different areas of scheduling, production, billing, receivables, payables, client management, and other activities involved in running a legal support business. Functions are interconnected: no re-keying information from one function to another.

RB9 runs on any computer or tablet with internet access. Nothing to install. It requires no other software or hardware. It requires no maintenance or backups.

RB9 is available by subscription only, month-to-month contracts, no long-term obligations, cancel anytime.

RB9 comes with built-in defaults so you don’t have to start from scratch defining common items. These defaults incorporate business logic and best practices for legal support firms derived from our 35+ years of developing software for this industry. You can add to, delete from, or edit defaults, such as services offered, to customize RB9 to your unique business needs.

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