2007 Team RB Conference report

Earn More, Spend Less

Yong with BannerThe 5th annual Team RB Conference, Oct. 27, 2007, in Houston, TX, was all about making business more profitable and efficient with the latest in automation, outsourcing and mobility technology for court reporting and other legal support businesses.

Sessions covered problem areas like collections, new capabilities in the upcoming version of RB8, real-world uses of RB PDF transcripts and case respositories, and marketing. OMTI President Yong Lee led the sessions with guest speakers covering some topics. As always, the conference opened with a humorous introduction by Ronnie Sampson, OMTI’s creative director.

This all-day program included breakfast, lunch, snack breaks and two receptions: prime opportunities for networking and discussing everything RB with RB staffers.

The 5th annual Team RB Conference was been approved by the NCRA for CEU status. Attendees earned a total of .40 CEUs by attending all of the sessions.

Seminars provided in-depth coverage of ways to ‘Earn More, Spend Less’

Attendees earned up to .40 CEUs by attending Team RB’s technology and best business practices seminars.

Session 1

You hate RB8. So what’s new?

In this seminar, Yong reviewed the shortcomings of RB8 as reported by you, the users, and showed how the upcoming version (January 2008), fixes those problems.

Denial  Anger  Bargaining  Depression  Acceptance

When he heard users’ complaints about RB8, Yong explained how he went through the 5 stages of grief before he could move on and solve the issues involved.

CEUs awarded: .10

Session 2


RB-PDF transcripts & case repositories in the real world

In this seminar, two real world examples of how RB8 users are providing their clients with RB-PDF transcripts and case repositories were presented. Gloria Perry, Associated Reporters in Las Vegas, NV, described her company’s transition from e-Transcripts to RB-PDF transcripts. And due to illness, Nancy Martin presented the online case repository story of Colville & Associates of Tucson, AZ, for Jim Colville.

CEUs awarded: .10

Session 3

Court reporting collections & outsourcing

New OMTI Technical Support staffer Dustin Scoggin punches conference attendees' CEU cards.

OMTI Technical Support staffer Dustin Scoggin
punches conference attendees’ CEU cards.

In this session, Brian White, TransWorld Systems, showed an automated way to do collections that takes less time than traditional collections processes and is also less expensive. Yong then demonstrated how in 2008, RB8 will have a new function for sending invoice information directly from RB8 to TransWorld online.

(Please note: 1. We do not seek nor accept any financial reward from vendors. 2. Providing an interface to collaborate with vendors does not represent an endorsement or guarantee from OMTI.)

CEUs awarded: .10

Session 4

Running a profitable business in a digital world

Yong at podiumIn this seminar, Yong addressed issues of running a litigation support business in today’s digital world. In addition to big-picture topics, such as how someone like a court reporter can move from being a technician to an entrepreneur successfully and build value in their business; the session also included information on current and future RB tools to help attendees achieve their goals. The session followed the new Field Guide to Success with RB8, which is full of RB8 best practices, tips, recommendations and cheat sheets (available in the Team RB section of our website).

CEUs awarded: .10

2007 Team RB conference attendee comments

Jason & Maya

Maya Adkins, Vowell & Jennings, and
Jason Yee, OMTI Client Support Manager.

“Thank you again for such a great, informative conference. I really enjoyed meeting the RB team and seeing you again. I thought the conference was so well organized. A lot of thought and planning went into it.”

“The RB Conference this year was excellent. You really gave us practical information on how to better run our businesses.”

“The RB staff were kind, smart, and answered all of my questions (even the dumb ones) respectfully. I would encourage everyone on RB to attend (except my competitors). And the parties were GREAT.”

“Thanks for a great seminar. The content was wonderful. The food was really good, and I enjoyed visiting with so many people. It was really a great seminar for motivating me. As always, it was nice to get to visit with you face to face You have a great sense of humor!”

“I know it was a lot of hard work and so many, many thanks to all of you! Looking forward to seeing you again.”

Stella & Dennis

Stella Chang, OMTI VP, and Dennis Peyton, California Deposition
Reporters, an original RB user with perfect attendance for all five
Team RB conferences.

“Superb job by you and your staff! The seminar was both informative and enjoyable. Thank you for your hospitality.”

“I found this past meeting very informative and some parts eye opening.”

Yong, Nancy & Mason

Yong; Nancy Martin, OMTI content development director;
and Mason Farmani, Barkley Court Reporters, another
original RB user with perfect Team RB conference attendance.

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