2009 Team RB Conference report

Navigating through turbulent times

The Team RB annual user conference was held online in 2009 due to the unprecedented financial downturn that seemed to affect everyone. The two-day event, Sept. 25 & 26, was popular with RB users. Maybe it was the ease of attending online, or maybe it was the low cost of the seminars, but we had our best attendance ever: Over 130 companies registered for one or more seminars, with many of the companies having more than one person attend, often their whole staff participated.

Attendees listened to presentations on what’s coming in the next updates of RB8 and RB Web, plus what to look forward to in the coming years technology-wise, with a focus on RB in their office.

All seminars were presented by Yong Lee, OMTI’s president & CEO, and included his typical depth-of-industry knowledge, technical expertise, vision for the future, and unique sense of humor. At the end of each seminar, attendees were able to talk to Yong via a live chat Q&A session.

Simplicity & more services

The first morning of seminars was aimed at people who use RB8 products and services. Attendees saw demonstrations of new features coming in the next RB8 update that will make scheduling, assigning resources and shipping easier. They also got detailed overviews of new modules for RB Web, including e-commerce.

Session 1

What’s new in office management

In the first session, What’s New in RB8, the presenter, Yong Lee, focused on new ways RB8 will help users be more efficient managing scheduling, resources, shipping and other areas of their business.

Session 2

What’s new online

In the second session, What’s New in RB Web, Yong Lee discussed new developments in online business as it pertains to court reporting and other legal support businesses. He highlighted some of the most valuable e-business solutions for legal support businesses, both for meeting clients’ demands and protecting their business’s revenue stream.

For step-by-step instructions for implementing these new developments, such as publishing COD invoices online and using the new Full-Text Search and Media Streaming plug-ins, download the Field Guide to Success, tan edition from the Team RB section of our website.

Session 3

Looking ahead

Saturday’s seminar, for agency owners and managers, covered strategic and philosophical issues, as well as new technologies we are working on for future releases.

In this session, Roadmap for 2010 & Beyond, a session for business owners and office managers, Yong Lee talked about how court reporting and other legal support businesses can reduce their overhead footprint with cloud computing, web services and browser-based applications to be more efficient while meeting new client demands and accommodating reporters’ and staff needs for flexibility.

Feedback on the online conference has been good, but we hope to return to our traditional in-person conferences as soon as possible. We think there is real value for RB users in being able to meet, network and socialize while learning about RB, technology and issues affecting their industry. We also find the chance to meet informally with our users helpful in developing better relationships and products.

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