2010 Team RB Conference report

Strategic Solutions + Innovative Ideas

The 2010 Team RB annual user conference was held online again. And for the first time, it was free. The two-day event, Oct. 20 & 21, was popular with RB users. Over 200 users attended one or both seminars.

Attendees listened to presentations on what’s coming in the last 2010 updates of RB8 and RB Web, plus what to look forward to in the first half of 2011.

All seminars were presented by Yong Lee, OMTI’s president & CEO, and included his typical depth-of-industry knowledge, technical expertise, vision for the future, and unique sense of humor. At the end of each seminar, attendees were able to chat with Yong in an online Q&A session.

Customize your communications & streamline your workflow

The first day focused on RB8 changes in the latest update (release date: Oct. 22). Attendees saw demonstrations of new features for giving clients and resources more access to their information and making it easier for them to provide you with information.

The second day covered  how changes in the system affect your clients and reporters and make your production staff focused more on quality control than keying in data. Highlights included a new Turn-In Wizard that allows reporters to turn in jobs online without prior training and a customizable online order form to make it easier for your clients to make requests.

In 2010, we added recorded versions of each seminar to watch online. If you have trouble viewing these videos, watch them on the OMTI channel on YouTube.

Session 1

What’s new in RB8

The first session covered increased customization in communicating with client and resources. Highlights included the ability to publish client and resource files online, new Calendar Notes to give reporters important information about firms and attorneys on assigned jobs, and separate billing addresses for firms which request that invoices and statements be sent to a different address than transcripts, etc.

Session 2

What’s new in RB Web

The second session covered changes in RB Web, including the Mark as Reviewed feature that gives attorneys a way to track which files they have already downloaded and which are new. Plus the choice of two ways for reporters to turn in jobs: a Wizard for newbies and online-averse reporters, and an Advanced mode for your experienced, tech-savvy reporters.

Looking ahead

Each seminar ended with a brief glimpse of what RB users can expect in next year’s first update.

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