Automate your business

Automated systems like RB8 can save you time, money and energy, and attract more clients to your company when implemented correctly.

The benefits of using an automated industry-focused business system are many:

  • Virtually eliminate errors, thereby ensuring that information is accurate.
  • Reduce the time it takes to complete tasks by reducing complex tasks into one simple procedure and having the system perform more business functions.
  • Significantly increase productivity by eliminating manual, fragmented, redundant and repetitive tasks.
  • Increase management awareness and control due to knowledge stored and analyzed by the system.
  • Fulfill business tasks from anywhere so you do not need as large a central staff, people can telecommute, and even clients and reporters can reduce some of your workload by doing some things themselves.
  • Accomplish more by freeing staff to focus on high-value, high-return activities.
  • Provide valuable services to clients, such as downloadable PDF transcripts, and perks to resources, such as direct deposit, without increasing your overhead.

Of course, RB8 does not provide the benefits alone — proper usage provides the benefits. Training is important for the successful implementation of any automated process. RB8 offer free essential training on CD. You can also get on-site customized training.

The problem with the misuse of RB8 is lost productivity — if you are not using RB8 as designed, you are probably not using it as efficiently as possible. You may think that is not a big deal — you are comfortable doing things the way you have always done them, so what if it takes a minute or two longer here or there?

The big deal is the accumulated wasted time that could be spent doing other things. If your time-wasting activities amount to an hour a week, that adds up to around 50 hours a year you could be spending on profitable pursuits — or personal interests, or anything other than inefficient, repetitive tasks. And consider that if you have a staff similarly wasting time like this, each one is adding their own 50 hours of non-productive time to your business.

Using RB8 correctly does not mean that it is a rigid system with only one way to accomplish things. RB8 is designed to be flexible and customizable. For example, you set up service lists to match your company’s offerings. And you can use as many or as few RB8 modules as you like, so if you only want a calendar/billing system, you’ve got it. With RB8, you can develop business systems to improve your efficiency and effectiveness, building on the storehouse of best practices and years of development already contained in RB8.


RB8 is full of automated processes. If you seem to be performing repetitive, redundant tasks in RB8, you are probably not using it most efficiently. Review your work processes and consult with RB Support. If you need more in-depth help, you can hire OMTI to consult with you and provide customized training on-site to maximize your company’s efficiency.

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