Free PDF transcript tool in RB8

RB’s PDF transcript creator allows your production department to create PDF transcripts from ASCII files with their RB job and case information, pagination, printable word indexes and cover pages automatically included. Maybe best of all, it’s included free in RB8.

The RB-PDF transcripts are created in Adobe’s universal PDF format within RB8. A PDF is an exact replica of the original file, with the added benefits of being able to be viewed by anyone on any computer with the free Adobe Reader. PDF is a mandated or preferred format for the courts, and many law firms use it for creating their own documents.

The RB-PDF transcript creator was designed so RB users can produce interactive transcripts that conform to their own and their clients’ requirements, while taking advantage of features other transcript formatting programs do not have.

With this tool, you can set default options for:

  • text and layout formatting, including condensed transcripts, cover pages, headers and footers;
  • digital signatures; and
  • word indexes and lists.

Then when creating a transcript, you can override any particular setting for that transcript. You can also create “profiles,” sets of defaults to use for particular clients or to meet federal or state court requirements.

Additional options when creating a transcript include:

  • You can have it build a clickable word index.
  • You can link exhibits and attach original ASCII and Amicus files, plus correct the original ASCII before saving it as a PDF.
  • When you save an RB PDF transcript, you can also automatically publish it on your RB Web so authorized users can have access to it online.

When your clients receive or download an RB PDF Transcript from your RB Web, they can open it in the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat Pro, a more fully-featured program that many law firms have already purchased. They can take advantage of unique PDF features, such as its advanced multi-file word search with hyperlinked results, and document commenting, with which they can add notes to transcripts which they can share with others.

RB PDF transcripts also offer expected features such as:

  • condensed transcripts;
  • multiple-transcript merging;
  • digital signatures; and
  • compatibility with transcript management software.

PDF is rapidly becoming the format of choice for the courts and law firms due to its security, universal format and archival stability. In fact, it is the mandate of US federal courts to use PDF for file documents and electronic filings; and international and lower courts are setting up similar systems. You may have already encountered requests for PDF transcripts from your clients, as other RB users have.

If you have been experiencing issues with your current transcript solutions — whether it’s problems with proprietary formats, cost or usability issues — RB PDF Transcripts can solve those problems and more:

  1. PDF is universally accessible. Unlike secret proprietary formats that many email programs don’t recognize, PDFs can be emailed without firewall, virus or other security issues.
  2. PDFs can be opened, read and searched using the free Adobe Reader and are compatible with many operating systems. In fact, Adobe’s Reader is one of the most widely distributed applications in the world.
  3. PDFs retain the appearance of the original document. It won’t reformat your pages or change your page and line breaks.
  4. The RB PDF Transcript Creator is included in RB8. There is no extra charge for the tool.
  5. PDF is reliable, and RB’s PDF Transcript Creator is easy to use. The PDF format has been around since 1993 and is backed by Adobe, a NASDAQ-listed corporation with a worldwide presence. Its ubiquity testifies to its soundness and ease-of-use. We developed the PDF Transcript Creator with the same philosophy: provide the most useful transcript conversion features in a simple tool.
  6. RB PDF Transcripts allow your clients who use the latest Adobe Acrobat Pro to incorporate its uniquely legal features such as adding Bates numbering and performing true redaction on transcripts. And whether they have Acrobat Pro or the free Reader, they can use Adobe’s powerful search tools.
  7. You can convert ASCII files into PDF transcripts with job and case information from your RB database automatically included. Your PDF transcripts can also include your custom cover page, headers and footers, word indexes, passwords, and attachments, such as the original ASCII or Amicus file.
  8. Reporters’ digital signatures can be added inexpensively to RB-PDF transcripts. For about $20/yr., reporters can license their own digital signature. And with RB’s Digital Signature Proxy, your production team can apply reporters’ digital signatures to RB-PDF transcripts for free.
  9. You can save your transcripts to your central RB repository, plus make them automatically available to your clients and reporters over RB Web. With RB Web’s e-commerce feature, you can offer clients the ability to buy and download transcripts instantly, so you can offer online access to attending attorneys and COD clients knowing you will be paid.
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