Going green saves more than the planet

Court reporters have traditionally been heavy users of paper, so this is a prime area for innovations to cut costs and save time. Use RB8 along with other strategies to “green” your business, reducing dependency on copiers, paper, toner, delivery, storage, and more.

  • The traditional way of preparing a transcript involves a lot of steps, like printing and binding, that use a lot of supplies and energy and take a lot of time to complete. instead, go paperless: Use RB8 to prepare a PDF transcript and use RB Web to publish it online.
  • When you need to print something, use recycled paper and recharged toner cartridges. “You save money with the recharged cartridges, so even with paying extra for recycled paper,
  • Emailing invoices and statements from RB8 to clients not only saves paper, you save postage, and the invoice doesn’t sit on clients’ desks.
  • Become a government-certified green court reporting agency and promote it in your marketing materials.
  • Consider “green” gifts for clients, such as planting a tree for every depo booked, as a long-time RB8 user did. Keep track easily in RB8 by adding a service item called ‘green tree.’ With every original deposition billed, RB8 automatically pulls in that service item. At the end of each quarter, print a report on that service item alone so you can give each law firm a certificate listing how many trees were planted in their honor.
Areas of cost savings by going paperless:
  • Copier maintenance
  • Copier leasing
  • Copy paper
  • Toner
  • Binding
  • Tabs
  • Delivery
  • Human resources
  • Storage
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