How to update your RB8 Server

Update all of your server components for your ReporterBase products, including:

  •  iFileServer
  • Job Scheduler
  • RB8
  • RB Web 8 (if applicable)

All of these updates are performed in the OMTI directory on your RB8 server.


Before beginning an update, make sure:

  1. Everyone is logged out of RB8 while the updates are running.
  2. You back up the RB8 database before you begin updating. (See instructions below.)
  3. Go into the backup folder to double check that the backup ran successfully:
  1. In the OMTI folder, double-click the RB8 folder
  2. In the RB8 folder, double-click the backup folder.
  3. Look at the Date Modified. The date and time should be current up to the minute.

After you run the backup you’re ready to begin updating the server components.

If you have trouble viewing the video here, watch it on OMTI’s YouTube channel.

How to back up your RB8 database

  1. Go into the Job Scheduler folder and execute JobSchedulerManager.exe.
  2. In the Job Scheduler, right-click on Backup Database and select Start Job. You will receive a successful message when the backup has run.

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