RB-PDF customization options

RB-PDF Transcript customization options help you match client expectations for how their transcripts should look and better brand your company’s transcripts:

  • You can include your own cover page.
  • Margins for all four sides of a document’s pages can be set to specific amounts. Depending on the left and right margin sizes, the font size automatically adjusts to the largest size possible (applies to both full-sized and condensed transcripts).
  • Border thickness can be adjusted differently for all four sides. You can also choose to have no border or double borders, and set different border options for Word Index, Word List, and Condensed Transcript.
  • You can insert your company logo into the header and/or footer.
  • Several font choices, including popular Arial and Verdana, can be specified for condensed transcripts, headers, footers, word indexes and word lists.
  • You can include or omit a vertical line between line numbers and the contents.
  •  Quick Word Index offers 2 styles: “Simple” uses Acrobat’s built-in search function to list every appearance of a selected word and automatically highlight the word in the transcript. “Classic” lists every entry as a bookmark on the Bookmarks tab in the PDF transcript.
  • You can select boldface fonts and colors to differentiate Q and A in several ways, such as the words only or entire paragraphs.
  • Your transcripts can include non-consecutive and non-numeric page numbers. If the page number is missing in the original ASCII, the page number, header and footer will not print in the PDF transcript.
  • Condensed transcript pages can appear in a vertical or horizontal format.
  • You can choose not to condense a specific number of pages at the end of a condensed transcript.
  • You can set up multiple customization profiles so you can select a profile instead of setting all customization options each time you create a transcript.
  • You can add a 2nd instance of a digital signature where needed (such as an oath page) in a transcript.
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