2011: 1st half update

Release date: Mar. 24, 2011

RB Web Mobile Apps

Plug-in designed for smart phones, not a regular web page displayed on a tiny device. Clients, reporters and staff can access your RB Web information on their iPhones or Android phones. We register your app with a name you choose (instead of RB Web Mobile) & an icon you provide to brand your RB Web Mobile App as your own.

Send others automatic reminders through log notes

In RB8 Notes Logs, you can now add reminders for other users. You set a date/time and select the recipient. RB8’s Message Center alerts them at the appropriate time. The message includes the reminder details and a link to the job.

Eliminate duplicate file uploading

In RB8 > Calendar > Assign Resources, when sending email notifications with Attach Repository Files for Email selected, files will be automatically attached from both the job-level and case-level repositories. You no longer need to upload files to both repositories.

Digitally sign condensed transcripts

In RB8 > Production > Turn-in, condensed PDF transcripts can now be digitally signed.

Print labels in new DYMO format

RB8 > Production > Envelopes and Labels has a new Dymo label format. “*.LABEL,” can be used, provided that DLS v8.3 has been installed on your computer.

Batch Select

Batch download made quicker

In the subscription version of RB Web, all files in a list can now be selected (or de-selected) using the new checkbox located at the left top of the grid.

Choose which COD invoices resources see online

In RB Web Reporter > Activity, resources will see only those COD invoices that have been marked “Publish on Web.”

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