2009: 1st quarter update

Release date: Feb. 18, 2009

More transcript features

You can now add digital signatures to RB-PDF transcripts. New condensed format font scaling option provides the maximum font size for each page of condensed print. Larger font sizes and more page number location options.

Combined Billing/Production Sheets

Production Sheet format changed to Billing Sheet format. Production sheet now combines Billing Sheet, Production Sheet, Witness Remarks, Production/Billing Notes and job’s requested services.

New tags target firms, contacts & resources

As your business grows, it can be helpful to differentiate firms, contacts and even resources into subgroups to target your marketing and services better. For example, if you want to send holiday gifts to your top 10% of clients, you can search for them with RB8’s Marketing Inquiry function. But what about next year? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily call up the previous year’s list to review and use? You can with RB8’s new tag system. Classify contacts in as many ways as you want: Christmas ’08, decision makers, email group — you create the tags you need, and you can attach as many tags to a firm or contact as desired. You can even tag resources, such as your top 10 reporters, so you can target them for special treatment. You can sort by tags to create a list, then print labels from the list, send emails to everyone on the list, or export the list to Excel. You can also mass update tagged entries. For example, you can update your entire Christmas ’08 list to Christmas ’09 with a click.

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