2009: 2nd quarter update

Release date: May 14, 2009

Improved email

New SMTP mail composer behaves just like HTML editor.

Microsoft Outlook option added to Email sending. When selected, Depository Notification no longer gets sent as an attachment. It gets embedded as body of email.

Easier way to provide directions

Directions automatically copy over to Location Detail when Job location is selected from Locations table. Location Detail field is available as a merge date field and can be used for Worksheet and/or Confirmation.

Transcript improvements

RB-PDF transcripts can now accommodate more time-stamp formats, add a second digital signature, and import ASCIIs without page numbers.

Choice of map provider

You can choose either Google Maps or MapQuest Maps in Calendar > Map Type.

Integrate with QuickBooks

New Integrator for QuickBooks integrates RB8’s Contacts, Resources, Invoices, Checks, Receive Payments, and Credit/Journal Entries directly to QuickBooks.

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