2009: 3rd quarter update

Release date: Oct. 22, 2009

Simplified Job Calendar interface

Easier to navigate and use with less switching between screens, because Calendar Manager, Month at a Glance and Send Confirmations are combined into one screen.

Extended Calendar view

A new view, Weekly View, has been added to Calendar Manager. This view is similar to Microsoft Outlook, and shows jobs sorted by job time & color-coded job status. Lists firm name & attorney by default. Roll over a job to see a pop-up of more details. Quickly send job confirmations, cancel and schedule jobs without leaving this view.

Simplified Assign Resources interface

Assign Resources and Notify Resources are combined into a single screen. 2 new columns, Notified & Acknowledged, added to this new combined interface.

Simplified Contacts tabs

Assistants & Assistant Of have been combined into Manage Assistants. Grant Access To & Have Access To have been combined into Manage Access.

Delivery service integration

Track FedEx and UPS deliveries from within RB8 instead of switching to other programs.

Improved Form Manager speed

File size of stored custom forms is reduced 1/3 to save you storage space and load faster.

Exit confirmation window added

Before quitting RB8, dialog box asks if you are sure, so you do not accidentally close RB8 when closing a bunch of open job screens.

Addresses conform to Postal Service guidelines

Option to make addresses from RB8 conform to Postal Service Guidelines. Applies to labels, envelopes, reports, invoices – wherever addresses appear.

Easier Monthly Statements processing

Highlight desired statements in the grid, then right-click and select Uncheck All except Selected Items, so RB8 will uncheck all except currently selected items.

E-commerce in RB Web

Clients can pay invoices online, including COD invoices. Clients pay current invoice amounts, including any finance charges. They get confirmation when their credit card goes through.

Clients can buy transcripts online, so attending attorneys who are not your regular clients can easliy buy a copy of a transcript, maximizing your copy sales.

COD clients get an automatic email notice, which they can click to go to your RB Web to download their invoices and pay online.

Orders are processed via PayPal in the background. Your clients never leave your RB Web.

RB8 automatically creates a credit card transaction – you don’t have to enter it manually – and notifies you via the RB8 Message Center.

Full-text search for online repository plug-in

Your clients can search through 100s of transcripts in seconds.

This RB Web optional plug-in’s full-text search capabilities can read a range of file formats including: PDF (text portion), MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF, HTML, and all text types including ASCII. (eTranscript PTX is not text based, so it is not supported.)

Searching image files via OCR may be implemented in a future update if there is enough interest in it.

Streaming media for online transcripts plug-in

Give clients the ability to view video transcripts online in RB Web. Since they don’t have to wait for downloads, large files become usable. And if you have a bunch of attorneys using this, you won’t need a big pipeline to support video viewing.

Maybe most important: people can’t steal your files. Files viewed online are not stored locally, so there is no copy on their hard drive. They can’t give it to someone else.

RB Web’s Media Streaming plug-in supports Flash, MP3 (if reporters have audio MP3 files for transcribers, you can upload those too), and H.264/HE-ACC media content, which is the format of most video, so you can repurpose your media content without converting.

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