2010: 1st quarter update

Release date: March 12, 2010

Electronic billing

In the popular LEDES 98B format, RB8 invoicing follows the standards used by your attorney clients for their corporate clients.

Multiple profiles for RB-PDF transcripts

If you produce transcripts for clients in different states or your clients have different requirments for how their transcripts look, you can now set up an unlimited number of profiles in your RB-PDF transcript creator. Then when you produce a transcript for a particular client or state, you select the relevant profile and it produces the transcript with the required formatting.

Additional email address

In contacts, for sending invoices/statements to someone designated by your contact.

New job status

Back Order job status added for jobs that were attended but never transcribed, but that become “live” again when an attorney orders a transcript at a later date.

Expanded Note log size

Note logs have been expanded from 2000 to 7000 characters.

New data sources for Confirmation forms

JobType and CauseNo data sources have been added to Confirmation forms.

Bulk Update

New feature in firms and contacts to speed updating information in your RB database.

New remote support option

For unattended installations or other support tasks to be done when no one is in your office, we have a new application called Team Viewer. You install it on your server, and when you need something done remotely but you won’t be there to let us access your system, you can launch Team Viewer, which generates a unique code. Give us the code, and we’ll take it from there.

It’s secure because no one else knows the code. Plus the code changes each time you launch Team Viewer, and it automatically closes after a set amount of time, so old codes won’t work.

And more…

Also in the first quarter RB8 release:

  • Ability to display 1 unit on invoices
  • New options added to Marketing Inquiry
  • Client’s email address added to Resource Worksheet

Emergency secondary server for Premium support clients

May 2015: This Premium service has been discontinued.

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