2014: 1st half update

Release date: March 26, 2014

Use new customer portal to manage your subscriptions & more

All RB users can register to use our customer portal. In the customer portal, depending on your access level and OMTI purchases/subscriptions, you can:

  • View which OMTI products, plug-ins & custom programming you use.
  • Request additional user licenses/cancel user licenses.
  • Renew annual maintenance contracts.
  • See other plug-ins you could add to your products.
  • Change which credit card is used for automatic payments.
  • View outstanding and paid invoices, including payment details.
  • Download invoices.
  • Pay outstanding invoices.
  • Update your RBXchange contact info.
  • Look up contact info for fellow RB users across North America to exchange jobs with through RB.
  • Look up articles in the KnowledgeBase, such as product version changes and feature how-to’s, by product.
  • Print, email and rate KB articles.
  • Submit feature ideas for future version of OMTI products in the Idea Collaborator.
  • View, comment on and vote for users’ feature suggestions.
  • View status of and comment on outstanding support issues.
  • Create new support tickets.
  • Search for resolved or unresolved support tickets. Then reinstate a resolved ticket to make the issue active again.
  • Follow history of support issues.
  • Update credit card information for automatic subscription payments.
  • Update company address(es) and phone numbers.
  • Update your company’s OMTI product users’ contact info, preferences and access levels.
  • Change users’ passwords.
  • Add new users.
  • View your OMTI Product Training schedule.
  • Cancel training sessions.

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