2016 updates

Release dates to: December 31, 2016

More options in FedEx/UPS shipping

  • The FedEx/UPS shipping label options have been expanded.
  • Now you can see estimated shipping charges in a shipment’s Order screen after printing a FedEx/UPS label.
  • You can include your custom reference number on FedEx/UPS labels.
  • There are more service type options for FedEx shipping.
  • Tracking field in Shipping extended to 40 characters.

Know which messages are reminders

Remind Date column has been added to the Message Center grid so that you can see which messages are reminders when you receive them.

Give resources Read & Sign options

New customization option for online turn-in: You can choose to display “Read & Sign” and “Read & Sign Date” fields for resources to use in RB Web.

More notes searching options

Added Witness Notes tab to Notes Finder so you can search through witness-level notes only or in combination with other level notes.

More flexibility when linking exhibits to transcripts

You can set the Pattern List for Linking Exhibits to use exact match patterns when transcripts don’t have consecutive numbering for exhibits.

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