Almost out of time to upgrade to RB9

[This is a reprint of the September 2020 monthly email reminder to RB8 clients]

RB8 services are going away soon, and we have some suggestions if you are not planning to upgrade this month.

The deadline for shutting down RB8 Subscribe, RB8 Cloud, RB Web 8 subscriptions, and RB8 digital signatures is November 30, 2020. If you are planning to upgrade, you will need time before the services expire to check that your data works in RB9 and to train your staff. Based on our experience, we recommend a month.

Do some preparation now

If you are holding off as long as possible before upgrading, you can make it easier on yourself and your staff by learning the system now. You can do that without making a commitment to upgrading.

Contact OMTI Support to get user IDs and passwords to the RB9 demo site for any of your staff who will be using RB9. They can work in a live system to see how their work processes will change in the new system. They can go through the tutorials and videos in the Help Center, and use the interactive user guide within RB9 to help them be ready when you make the switch.

Not upgrading?

If you are not upgrading to RB9 before the end of November, what can you do to prepare for the end of RB8 services? Your options depend on whether you have an RB8 subscription or the purchased version.

If you have a subscription: Your RB8 system and plugins will no longer work. Before the cut-off date, we recommend that you export or print out as much data as you can from RB8 while it’s usable. Export or print reports such as Calendar Printout, Statements with Open Invoices, Aged A/R, and Invoices Report. Export lists of information from functions like Calendar Manager, Invoice Inquiry, Statements, Contacts, Firms, and Resources.

If you have RB8 Subscribe, the database itself and repository files will still reside on your server, with the database attached to the SQL Server. So you could log into the SQL Server and use SQL Server Management Studio to query the database, if need be.

If you purchased RB8: You should still be able to use your RB8 system as long as there are no conflicts with your operating system or other applications in your system. If you have RB Web 8, it will no longer work. If you apply digital signatures in the RB-PDF Transcript Creator, they will no longer be available. And there will be no more live RB8 support, bug fixes, or any guarantee that your system will continue to work.

Whatever your decision, be ready

There are always unknowns in business, and maybe more this year than ever, but the RB8 retirement milestone is one we all know is coming. We hope this information helps you with your plans for a smooth transition by November 30th.

If you have any questions about RB9 or what to do, visit our website, download the RB9 factsheet, or contact us.

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