Latest release includes exhibit linking

RB8’s PDF transcript creator includes three new conveniences: exhibit linking, merged PDF transcripts, and master word lists.

Now, in addition to converting ASCII into PDF transcripts with custom cover sheets, pagination, word indexes and job and case information already filled in from your RB database, you can add hyperlinked exhibits easily, merge multiple PDFs from the same case, and compile master word lists from multiple transcripts in a few clicks.

Add interactive exhibit links to PDF transcripts

This hotly awaited feature will speed your production and please your clients. Hyperlinked exhibits do not need to be converted to PDF to be included with transcripts; RB PDF-Transcripts embed the exhibits inside the transcript file, but they open in their original formats.

This saves you time on the production end. And all your clients have to do to view an exhibit is to click its hyperlink within a PDF transcript.

With embedded hyperlinked exhibits, you and your clients no longer have to worry about misplaced exhibits when emailing, downloading from your RB Web, or moving files around. Plus, hyperlinked exhibits are secure: They cannot be opened separately from the transcript. They can only be access by clicking their hyperlinks within the transcript.

Merge multiple PDF transcripts

If you have an on-going case and your client requests a compiled transcript file instead of multiple transcript files, you can do it within RB8. With the new Merge PDF Transcripts function, you can gather all or some of the transcripts on a case into a single file with the click of a button, then email or post the mega-file on RB Web.

Compile master word lists

Another new feature that will help you work with multiple transcripts on a case is the Master Word List. Master word lists are different from the existing word indexes in RB PDF transcripts. A word index lists every instance of a word in a transcript. A master word list combines the lists of words from a set of transcripts, adding the frequency of each word in the set.

Instead of an index with all instances cited, a master word list reports how often a word occurs in a group of transcripts. These frequency or dictionary reports are very helpful to reporters preparing to take depos on an on-going case. They can see how to spell important words they are likely to come across when taking a depo themselves.

Creating a master word list in RB8 is easy: Instead of compiling such a list manually, you pull up the case in RB8, go to its transcript repository, click the Select All button, then the Generate button, and you’re done. RB8 creates a single list that includes the spelling and frequency of all the words in the selected transcripts.

This will save time in production, and also solve the problem of making the complete transcripts available to all reporters because they need to know how to spell names. You eliminate any security risk and any potential misunderstandings about pay amounts for finished depos or who is getting which jobs.

It will also save time for your reporters when they are preparing to take a depo in an on-going case. Instead of reading through all those transcripts themselves and compiling a list of words — or manually adding new words to an on-going list — they can easily download the latest master word list from your RB Web to review before taking the depo.

For more information about RB PDF-Transcripts, read the previous News article or contact RB Sales.


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