RB8 plug-ins

[RB8 is no longer available for sale.]

RB Web

The online repository and calendar your clients ask for by name: RB Web. This essential plug-in to RB8 gives clients, reporters, sales reps and management online access to essential information in your office, like schedules, job locations, transcripts and other case files, and billing information. It includes meTranscripts™, interactive transcripts your clients can highlight, comment on, and share with colleagues; and e-commerce so you can guarantee you get paid for your work — even from COD clients.

RB Web Mobile Apps

Gives people access to your RB Web office through a dedicated app on their smart phones.

RB Web Mobile On™

Provides access to your RB Web office through a mobile-optimized site.

RB8 Cloud Data Reader

If you are on RB8 Cloud, you cannot create your own custom reports using your RB data without this plug-in. This is due to security issues with directly connecting to RB databases in the cloud. Data Reader solves that problem with a dedicated connection to your RB database in the cloud so you can use your information in your own reports or other applications.

RB8 Reward Points

Track individual contacts’ activity with your firm & reward them with redeemable points.

RB8’s Reward Points plug-in lets attorneys, paralegals and secretaries earn points with you for using your services (similar to frequent flyer programs). Or if your state does not allow reward programs, use the plug-in to track your clients’ order history and see who your best customers are by whose calls generate the most revenue instead of by firm only.

My Reward Points

Give clients access to their reward points.

If you want to let your clients monitor their points, add the RB Web My Reward Points plug-in. Clients can see their current points balance, pending amounts and history, plus make requests to redeem or transfer points online.

Clients can also access their reward points on their mobile devices if you offer them RB Web Mobile Apps or RB Web Mobile On™.

(RB Web My Reward Points plug-in & Mobile My Points require the RB8 Reward Points plug-in.)

Media Streaming

Lets clients watch video transcripts from their repositories online in RB Web.

Users can start watching videos immediately: they don’t have to wait for lengthy downloads. Plus if you have a lot of attorneys accessing media files at once, you won’t need a big pipeline to support it because the plug-in uses bandwidth efficiently.

User can stop video, go backwards, speed up, skip around, and slow down playback.

Streaming provides content protection. With no downloads, there is no copy on users’ hard drives. They can’t give your media to someone else.

RB Web’s Media Streaming plug-in supports:

  • Flash
  • MP3: If reporters have audio MP3 files for transcribers, you can upload those for online playback.
  • H.264/HE-ACC media content, which is the format of most video, so you can repurpose your media content without converting.

Media Streaming requires the 3rd-party Wowza Server to operate. If you have RB8 Cloud, it is included at no cost. If you have RB8 Subscribe, you must subscribe to or purchase and maintain your own Wowza Server license.


Keep track of media, hard copy and other materials in your office.

Track transcripts, exhibits, supporting documents and media, such as video and audio tapes. You can track the location of electronic files in your system and physical media, such as VHS and audio tapes, DVDs and CDs, in your office. You define your company’s processes in the production workflow, set up automatic alerts for notifying people of milestones or tasks to do, plus enter billable services in relation to production.

When you need to locate a tracked item, you can quickly search your tracking database by different criteria, such as witness, firm, storage location, case/job/internal tracking number, caption or job number. You can further focus your search by job priority, stage of completion, status (such as on-hold or cancelled) or for a single revenue center in your business.

Repository Annotation

Give clients the ability to make notes on files and flag them as important in their RB Web repositories. Clients can make any annotations visible to others who view the same files or keep a note private. Annotations are searchable in online case repositories.

Repository Search

Give clients the ability to search for specific text in their RB Web repositories and get results in seconds. When they locate the right file, they can download it.

RB Web’s Repository Search plug-in reads:

  • PDF (text portion)
  • MS Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • RTF
  • HTML
  • all text types including ASCII (eTranscript PTX is not text based, so it is not supported.)

Repository Search requires the Full Text Search component of Microsoft’s SQL Server Database Engine. If you have RB8 Cloud, it is included at no cost. If you have RB8 Office, you must add and maintain the component yourself.

Client Of/Sales Rep

Give reporters right of first refusal on their clients

RB Web’s Client Of plug-in gives your resources who bring their own clients to your agency, the ability to view their clients’ pending jobs so they can request the assignments. It also gives your sales reps the ability to view their clients’ scheduled jobs.

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