What’s in RB8

[RB8 is no longer available for sale.]

Basic RB8 office management package includes:

  • RB8 Server, which is on the server (or main computer, depending on system size) if you have RB8 Subscribe or in the cloud on Microsoft Azure’s Cloud Services if you have RB8 Cloud. The RB8 Server contains your RB database of clients, resources, jobs, etc.
  • RB8 Client, which installs on a workstation and accesses your database on the RB8 Server.*
  • Annual software maintenance & support contract, either Standard or Premium. Standard support is included free with your subscription. You can upgrade to Premium support for an additional monthly fee, if desired.

* Each workstation that accesses the RB Server simultaneously requires a separate user license. Additional user licenses can be added or subtracted on a monthly basis for an additional fee.

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