Big fall 2020 update includes new functions

With over 30 new functions, features and improvements in the October 2020 RB9 update, there are too many to include in this newsletter; but here are some highlights:

New functions

  • PDF Transcript Stamps
    Apply stamps like “original” or “certified copy” to PDF Transcripts & exhibits without leaving RB9.
  • Exhibit Stamps
    Apply serially numbered stamps to PDF exhibits when uploading to the Witness-level repository. Exhibit stamps can include RB9 data automatically. Plus you can set stamps to be applied automatically to exhibits when resources upload them via RB Connect during turn in.
  • One Check One Invoice
    Due to popular demand, this RB8 feature has returned: Enjoy faster payment processing when one check is paying for one invoice.
  • Task-level repository
    New repository for files you want to give to resources assigned to tasks. Task-level files can be automatically attached to Assignment Notifications and appear in resources’ RB Connect. And you can search for files by order date in the repository.
  • Download Backup File
    Back up your RB9 database to your desktop.
  • Copy Services To
    Resources can copy services to multiple invoices when turning in jobs through RB Connect.

New & updated feature highlights

  • Go to Shipping directly from Turn In 
    Shipping button has been added to Turn In detail screens.
  • Change job status in Shipping function 
    Job Status field has been added to the Shipment windows so you can change Job Status to Shipped without leaving the function.
  • Continuously add payments in Receive Payments function
    Instead of clicking the New button in the main Receive Payments grid to apply payments, you can now select Save & New to continue entering payments in Payment windows.
  • Use date range for batch notifications
    When sending Job Confirmations/Cancellations and Assignment Notifications/Cancellations:

    • Date field has been changed to Date From/To fields so you can search by a date range of up to 30 days.
    • Job Confirmations/Cancellations’ Date From defaults to today’s date.
    • When either Date From or Date To is blank, the date in the other field will be used for both dates in searches.
  • Expanded data entry fields  
    The amount of information you can enter into certain fields in jobs has been increased:

    • Notation field is now 24 characters long.
    • Scheduling Notes, Confirmation Notes, Resource Notification Notes, and Production/Billing Notes are now unlimited in length.
  • Search for jobs by resource in Turn In  
    Since reporters often forget or lose job numbers, you can now look up jobs by resource in the Turn In window.
  • More online payment vendors to choose from
    In addition to PayPal, you can use, Payeezy from First Data, Square, or Stripe to process client payments made through RB Connect.
  • Choose how to send contact’s their invoices  
    Select how your clients want to receive invoices from you in their Contact records (options are email, print, both, or don’t send). Then when sending invoices, you can change the method for specific invoices from their default in the Send Invoices results grid.
  • Include credit card processing fees in transactions
    Ensure more accurate financial recording when receiving credit card payments by including payment processing fees in the transaction. If you accept payments via PayPal through RB Connect, PayPal fees will automatically be broken out in recorded payments.

More update features

  • List view calendar defaults to tomorrow.
  • Reschedule old jobs.
  • Add party to linked jobs without leaving the New Party panel.
  • Notation column added to Quick Assignments results grid  .
  • More search filters & results columns for jobs.
  • Specialties and Requested Services added to Job Printout .
  • Resource assignments tracked in Notes Logs.
  • Footer totals appear in exported CSV/Excel reports.
  • Include a bounced check’s late charges and finance charges in Debit Memos.
  • Sort individual resource’s payable invoices when running payroll.
  • Include the full case name in Job Confirmations and other forms.
  • OAuth2 authentication added to email preferences for Microsoft 365 Office users.
  • Include invoice, case, and job info in one Query Maker report.
  • View Task Notes in results grids.
  • Allow contacts to request same-day jobs via RB Connect.
  • Names instead of numbers appear in the Subject line in internal reminders.
  • Clients can reschedule jobs with a Request New status.
For the full list and more details — including video explanations of some new features — visit the RB9 latest update page.

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