What’s new in RB v9.0xx, November 2019

ReporterBase 9.04, released October 28, 2019, has improvements in almost all areas of RB9 from Calendar and Production to Billing, Receivables, Tools, Entities, Setup, and RB Connect.

Features of the latest RB9 update:

Cancel linked jobs when canceling original job

If you use linked jobs instead of tasks for some assignments, such as video of a deposition, you can delete the linked job at the same time you cancel the main job.

Color-coded job status in results grids

Colors selected for different job statuses in System Preferences > Calendar > Job Status Color appear in results grids for:

  • Jobs (List View)
  • Jobs (Monthly View)’s daily jobs popups
  • Send Job Confirmations/Cancellations
  • Tasks
  • Quick Assignments
  • Send Assignment Notifications/Cancellations
  • Daily Calendar Audit
  • Tasks in Progress
  • Turn In
  • Letters
  • Post Invoices

More Resource Availability features

Time-Off Remarks now appear in the Resource Availability grid and as a search filter.

You can now edit Time-Off Reason and Remarks from the View Time-Off window.

Notify resources of assignments when using Quick Assignments

If you would rather send individual assignment notices as you assign tasks in Quick Assignments instead of doing a batch notification when finished, you have the option to send the notice when you drag and drop a resource on a task.

Print all Assignment Notifications/Cancellations at once

In addition to emailing and texting resources these notifications, you can also print them individually or in batches from the Assignment Notifications/Cancellations results pane.

Notes field for internal use only added to jobs

Scheduling Notes field in the Additional Info pane of individual jobs can be used for any information you want to share with staff, but not with clients or resources.

Color-coded invoices in Turn In

You can more easily locate invoices in a job’s Turn In window because the background color for invoices is yellow while witness and service line items have white backgrounds.

Also, text for invoices in progress is black, text for posted invoices is green, and text for voided invoices is red to quickly differentiate them from each other.

Remove multiple services from an invoice at once

Before posting and sending an invoice, you can use the new Delete Services function in the invoice to remove multiple services from the invoice at the same time.

Add multiple additional pay amounts faster

When adding pay for resource’s miscellaneous expenses, such as parking and tolls, you can select Save & New in the New Additional Pay screen for continuous and faster data entry. It retains the current resource’s information, minimizing re-keying for each entry.

Set contacts’ file accessibility for multiple files at once

In the witness repository of a turned-in job, set which contacts can access a file and then copy that accessibility to other files within the same witness repository all at once.

Estimated cost added to Shipping function

When you generate a FedEx or UPS shipping label in RB9, it automatically adds the estimated shipping cost to the shipment’s entry in RB9. For other shipping methods, you can enter an estimated amount, if desired. Estimated Shipping Cost appears in the Shipping function’s results grid and in individual detail windows.

Export Aged A/R reports with outstanding invoices’ details included

Click a button to export your current Aged A/R Report as an Excel spreadsheet with each client’s overdue amounts broken down by age, plus a list of all of their overdue invoices including basic details.

Email link for acknowledging jobs

If you have RB Connect, your resources can acknowledge jobs with one click in an emailed Assignment Notification. A new data field in the Assignment Notification Form is a link through your RB Connect to your RB9 Calendar that automatically sets the task’s Acknowledged Date to the current date. The AcknowledgementURL data field must be included in the body of the email or worksheet must include the data field and be embedded in the email for the link to work.

Re-instituted Statement Type for Firms

Due to popular demand, we have added the RB8 option for delivery methods for consolidated statements to firms. You can select Email, Print, or Don’t Send (if a firm does not want to receive monthly statements).

Company logo on invoices, statements, and transcripts can be JPEG or PNG

When uploading your company logo in Business Units (BUs) to include on your invoices, statements, and transcripts, you can use either .jpg or .png file formats.

Filter payment entries by who entered them

If more than one person enters payments into RB9, you can use the Created By filter in the Receive Payments screen to separate only the checks you entered to get a total amount and reconcile.

More new features

  • Witness, Job Location, Job Location City, Job Location State columns added to Quick Assignments’ main grid.
  • Total Pay column added to Post Invoices screen next to the Invoice Amount column.
  • Created By, and Created [timestamp] columns added to Receive Payments grid.
  • Warning column added to Resources grid.
  • Statement Type added to Send Statements search criteria.
  • Quick Assignments has been added to the list of results grid you can customize the column order of in Setup > System Preferences > General > Rearrange Grid Columns.
  • In RB Connect, resources’ Tasks in Progress lists outstanding tasks in chronological order from the oldest first to today.

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