What’s new in RB v9.03, July 2019

RB9.03 (release date July 29, 2019) includes a list of new conveniences:

System-wide changes

Download & view attachments in Mail Composer

When using RB9’s Mail Composer, you can now check the documents attached to the email before sending them out.

View file descriptions in individual repositories

When viewing an individual job, case, witness, invoice, or entity, you can see the description of any uploaded files in the repository panel without having to click into each file’s details.

Look up firms by contact

You can find a firm in RB9 by entering the name of someone who works there in your search criteria.

Results grids are now zebra-striped

Lists of results appear with alternative grid-row coloring for better viewing of separate line data.

Rearrange columns in different results grids

You can set system preferences for different column layouts for some RB9 functions, such as the calendar in list view, repository file listings, or entity listings.

Calendar & Production updates

More search criteria in Tasks

When monitoring task assignments, you can now search by Priority Level and Resource Type.

Hide/view invoice details in Turn In

Expand or collapse invoice listings in a job’s Turn In window.

Digital signatures no longer cover transcript content

Digital signature backgrounds are now transparent so they no longer obscure transcripts when applied.

Receivables & Payables improvements

  • If you receive payment prior to when late charges would accrue, the Late Charges and Finance Charges fields in Receive Payments are grayed out and uneditable.
  • You can update the Payer field to an invoice’s Bill To firm when applying payments to invoices.
  • You can send invoices directly from the Aged A/R window.
  • You can include a Resource Grand Total page at the end of your Pay Statement report on both the Print Office/Resource Copy – Summary and Print Office Copy – Detail versions.

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