What’s new in RB v9.0xx

Features of the latest RB9 updates:

View completed tasks in Tasks in Progress
Previously, you could only view outstanding tasks in Tasks in Progress lists. Now, you have the option to see completed tasks along with their completion date in search results for jobs that have not been invoiced yet.

Easier to understand ‘Access’ label
“Grant Access From” label in Contact entries changed to “Have Access To” to avoid confusion. Contacts who are seniors to other contacts, can be granted access to the other contacts’ activities in RB Connect.

Can use 3rd-party email sender service for RB9 emails
Previous versions of RB9 only allowed users to enter email address and password for SMTP authentication. And the email account had to be the same as the sender’s email address. So if an RB9 user wanted to use an email sender service, such as Mailgun or Postmark, they couldn’t enter the API key.

This version changed System Preferences and User Preferences to separate sender’s email and authentication. Now you can type an account name that is not the sender’s email address. Plus passwords can be up to 80 characters.

Turn In’s Service panel cleaned up
“Show rush text on invoice” and “Show rush amount on invoice” options no longer appear in New/View/Edit Service panel in Turn In when the service’s Service Group is Original, Copy w/Original, Copy, or Additional Copy.

More info for production staff
Job’s Production/Billing Notes added to View/Edit Invoice Panel in Turn In and on Production Sheets.

Added User Guides to RB Connect
Both contacts and resources can access contextural help from any screen with a Help button, or access the user guide from the main menu under Help.

Read about all updates on the RB9 updates page on omti.com.

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