Did you know about RB9’s Client Activity emails?

In January 2020’s “Did you know…” segment about under-the-radar features in RB9, we cover Client Activity. Like the RB8 version, RB9’s Inquiry > Client Activity gives you the ability to find a specific client’s invoices or a subset of their invoices using different search parameters.

Email multiple invoices as a single PDF

What’s new in RB9 is that you can email copies of searched invoices to clients directly from Client Activity instead of going to another function like in RB8. If you email a group of invoices to a client using RB9’s Client Activity, the multiple invoices will be combined into a single PDF file.

In RB8, you have to use Reprint Posted Invoice to email invoices out, and they will all be individual emails, each with their own PDF invoice. RB9’s invoice compiling is a more efficient method and more convenient for your clients.

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