Reasons to use RB-PDF transcripts

RB8 includes a free conversion program for turning reporters’ ASCII files into PDF transcripts. Adobe PDF has become the standard for storing and exchanging digital documents in the legal community. In fact, it is mandated for most electronic filings in federal courts, and many state and international courts are implementing similar requirements.

The courts like it because:

  • It retains the appearance of the original document; it doesn’t reformat pages or change page and line breaks.
  • It is read-only so it can’t be tampered with.
  • It can’t be infected with computer viruses.
  • It is a universal file format, which can be read on any system using the free Adobe Reader, which is one of the most widely distributed applications in the world.

Your clients will like it too because, in addition to the above, RB-PDF transcripts offer these benefits:

  • Full-text searchable across multiple documents simultaneously
  • Condensed transcripts with full-size cover pages
  • Accepted as an email attachment through company firewalls
  • Printable and hyperlinked word indexes
  • Linked exhibits
  • Attachments, such as original ASCII
  • Digital signatures
  • Preferred format in the courts for e-filing and archiving
  • Can be saved as an image file for trial presentation purposes, so clients don’t need 3rd-party software to load transcripts into trial presentations
  • Bates numbering, true redaction and metadata removal capabilities
  • Clients can search across multiple files at once
  • Transcript appearance can be customized to meet client requirements
  • Option to automatically publish to RB Web for instant access online by authorized users
  • Multiple transcripts can be provided in one merged RB-PDF mega-file.

Your in-house staff will like it because:

  • RB job information is included in transcripts automatically on the cover page and elsewhere
  • Digital signatures include a proxy system that automatically applies the correct signature to a transcript
  • Original ASCII files can be edited before including in transcript
  • Transcript styles can be saved as profiles (templates) to simplify customizing transcripts for clients
  • RB-PDFs can be emailed to clients because there are no firewall, virus or other security-related issues (unlike with proprietary files types)
  • Client requests, such as compiled transcript files, and reporter needs, such as master word lists, can be provided automatically with a few clicks.
  • RB-PDF transcripts can be customized with a wide range of options, including margin widths, border thickness, company logo added, different fonts, and Q&A styles.

Your reporters will like it because:

  • Digital signature proxy system gives reporters the ability to monitor your application of their digital signatures and eliminates the need for monthly digital signature subscription expenses
  • Master word lists, including proper spelling and word frequency, can be provided for cases compiled automatically from a group of transcripts

You will like it for all of the benefits above, plus:

  • Tied to e-commerce so authorized third parties, such as attorneys of record and COD clients, can access transcripts instantly online by purchasing them online first
  • Customizable transcript appearance, including pagination and ability to add company logo to cover pages, headers and footers.
  • RB-PDF Transcript Creator is included in RB8 for no extra charge.
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