Run gross profit reports by ordering client

Did you know RB9…

Lets you run gross profit reports by ordering client

To help you get the most out of RB9, we have added a segment to cover some of the new aspects of the program. For this  “Did You Know?” segment, we cover a change to the Gross Profit Report that provides you with more useful information.

View gross profit by ordering client

In ReporterBase, gross profit is the difference between the invoice amount and the resource cost. The Gross Profit Report lists the gross profit (in amount and percentage) for each invoice.

In RB9, you can run the Gross Profit Report by Sold To or Ordering Firm. Gross Profit Reports in previous versions listed gross profit by Sold To Firms only. But in RB9, you can see the gross profit on all invoices generated from a client’s job.

Running Gross Profit Reports by Ordering Firm groups the original and copy sales of a job under the ordering client. In previous versions, there was no way to account for all sales from a client’s job. The report listed all of the invoices by billed client, not by who was responsible to bringing the job to your agency.

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