Top Tip #1 for 2010

Is your office getting in the way of your business? Get rid of it

You could save thousands a year in overhead by eliminating costly office space. Before you dismiss this as too radical, remember: Extreme business conditions require you to re-think everything.

Question the amount and kind of space you need:

  • Can you and your staff work from home? You don’t need expensive commercial space if you can all work remotely.
  • If your reporters turn in their work online, and you offer direct deposit pay as well as online pay statements, they don’t need to come to the office anymore.
  • Eliminate the need for file cabinets by scanning everything into a central system that also automatically maintains electronic copies of all work products, job/client/resource/location info, invoices and statements, etc. Then give clients and reporters online and wireless access to their information in your system automatically.
  • Save even more space — and the need for tech services — by using data farms for your electronic storage infrastructure instead of maintaining your own servers.

With a ReporterBase (RB) system, you can do all of the above. Plus you can automatically access job, client and reporter info on the road via your BlackBerry so you can maximize your own effectiveness. No telephone tag, no unnecessary trips back to the office — it even has Google Maps so you won’t get lost driving to a new client’s location.

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