What, where, when, why & how of RB8 backups

Your RB8 data and repository files are your business’s lifeblood. If anything should happen to your RB Server, you will want to have recent backups of your information so that you can restore your data and files and keep working with a minimum of downtime.

Where is your RB8 data?

RB8 consists of two different types of data that you need to make sure are being backed up.

  1. SQL RB8 database files: RB8.mdf and RB8.ldf.  These consist of your RB8 data such as contacts, resources, jobs, invoices, and reports.
  2. Repository files. Everything that is uploaded to RB8 or through RBWeb goes to the Depository folder located on your server.  By default the path is in the same OMTI folder as the SQL Data folder.
    C:\OMTI\RB8\Depository (Note: this folder location may be located on a different drive or server)

Is my data being backed up?

When OMTI installed your RB8 server, we installed a custom service to automatically back up your SQL database files.  As long as that service is running, you will have a daily backup. You can check that it is creating daily backups by looking in the Backup folder.


Repository files are not backed up unless you back them up yourself.  Take the proper steps of setting your own backups for the Depository folder, and check frequently that your file backup system is working.

How to back up your RB8 database

You can create a backup of your RB8 database at any time in addition to the automatic daily backup. For example, when updating your RB8 Server, you should run a backup first.

  1. In the C:\OMTI\Job Scheduler folder, execute JobSchedulerManager.exe.
  2. In the Job Scheduler, right-click on Backup Database and select Start Job. You will receive a successful message when the backup has run.

If you subscribe to RB8 Cloud, you do not have to make your own backups. RB8 Cloud has built-in redundancies to ensure the safety of your information with zero data loss or downtime.

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