First RB9 update of 2024 requires new shipping credentials

RB9 updateIn this first update of 2024 (release date: March 6) the authentication method for UPS accounts has changed because the current method will stop working soon. To keep using UPS shipping labels in RB9 you must set up new accounts in RB9 that use the new OAuth2 method.

The current method used for UPS will no longer work after July 5, 2024. Visit the RB updates page on our website for more details.

What else is new in this update?

You will notice changes from the first time you log into this latest update — plus interface and user experience improvements, and new search and shipping options.

What’s New tab

After logging into a new version of RB, the What’s New screen is displayed as a tab so that you can open another function without losing the update information if yo want to read it before logging out.

Improved file downloads

When downloading multiple files at once in RB9, RB Lite, and RB Connect, download speed has improved 200–300% and you can download larger file sizes.

No more scrolling witness lists

The height of the Witnesses grid in Turn In automatically increases depending on the number of witnesses listed so you can see all the witnesses in the job without scrolling.

Find active clients easier in Anniversary Inquiry

You can now search for only active clients in Anniversary Inquiry, plus an Active column has been added to the search results grid.

See better in Dark Mode which function you are in

If you use Dark Mode in RB9/RB Lite, the tab border was adjusted to make it clearer which function is currently active.

Need more info?

For more details about this latest update or any previous updates visit the RB Updates section of our website.

If you have any questions about adding new shipping credentials to your FedEx and UPS system preferences or any other item in this update, contact RB Support.

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