Introducing RB Lite

RB Lite

New version of RB9: smaller, costs less

OMTI has developed a smaller version of RB9 called RB Lite. It contains only essential functions, primarily scheduling and billing functions.

It has about half of the functions of RB9 and costs less: $150/month for the basic package including one user access license. Additional user access licenses are $40/month. Like RB9, contracts are month to month, add or subtract licenses as needed, cancel anytime. You can also switch between RB9 and RB Lite with no loss of data.

RB Lite does not include functions like transcript creators, shipping, or tracking. And it doesn’t work with any plug-ins. So if you need RB Connect or RB-PDF Transcripts, RB Lite isn’t for you.

Functions in RB Lite work the same way as they do in RB9. In addition to scheduling and billing, it includes some RB9 production, receivables, payables, and client management functions needed for running a legal support business.

It also includes several RB9 tools to make using RB Lite easier: Bulk Import, Bulk Update, and Form Templates.

See the comparison chart on our website for the complete list of RB9 functions included in RB Lite.

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