Use our security docs to market your business

We have added a couple of new files to the Marketing Materials section you can use in your marketing kit to promote the security of your data management.

  1. SOC 2 press release: A brief explainer of OMTI’s SOC 2 audit. Use the contents or the entire press release on your website, on social media, and in mailers to clients and potential clients.
  2. Up in the air about your data in the cloud brochure: Editable brochure about the benefits and safety of data in the RB system in the cloud which you can provide to clients and potential clients to persuade them to use your services. There are PDF and Word doc versions you can edit or use as is. RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile information is included on the last page of the brochure which you can delete if you don’t offer those services.

Download these files from the Marketing Materials page or the Downloads page.

Additional security information

If your clients want more detailed information about RB and Azure security, there are several other documents on the Downloads page you can share with them.

Find these files in the Miscellaneous section:

  • RB9 Security, Privacy, & Architecture
  • Windows Azure Privacy Overview
  • Windows Azure-Security Privacy Compliance

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