Lots to love in Q4 2009 RB8 & RB Web

The last updates of 2009 have something for everyone on your staff and your clients. Simplified interfaces, integrated services and e-commerce top the list. These updates, which were presented at the online Team RB conference at the end of September, are available now for users of RB8 and RB Web 8.

Simplified interfaces

RB8 has been made easier to navigate and use with less switching between screens, because multiple functions have been combined into single screens making them meta-task centers. Calendar functions and views have been combined, resource functions have been combined, and contact relationship screens have been combined to speed your company’s workflow.

New features

The new turbo-charged Calendar Manager has an additional view option similar to Microsoft Outlook that shows a week’s worth of jobs sorted by job time & color-coded job status. Users roll over a job to see a pop-up of more details, and can quickly send job confirmations, cancel and schedule jobs here.

FedEx and UPS delivery services are integrated into the update. Users can print shipping labels and track deliveries from within RB8 without switching applications or having to enter tracking numbers manually.

Other RB8 time-saving tidbits

Other new features in RB8 include an improved Form Manager that reduces user errors and stores your custom forms at a compressed size to save you storage space and load faster.

Online payments in RB Web

The big change in RB Web 8 is e-commerce. Clients can pay invoices online, including COD invoices, and they can buy transcripts online. Now attending attorneys can easily buy a copy of a transcript, maximizing your copy sales.

Orders are processed via PayPal in the background. Your clients never leave your RB Web.

Full-text search for online repository plug-in

With this optional plug-in, your clients can search through 100s of transcripts in seconds.

Popular file formats, such as PDF, MS Word, and ASCII, can be indexed in an automated process so your clients can search their entire repositories quickly with different search parameters.

Full-text search plug-in is available by subscription only, $50/mo., cancel anytime.

Streaming media for online transcripts plug-in

With this optional plug-in, your clients can view video transcripts online in RB Web. Since they don’t have to wait for downloads, large files become usable.

Maybe most important: People can’t steal your files. Files viewed online are not stored locally, so there is no copy on their hard drive. They can’t give it to someone else.

RB Web’s Media Streaming plug-in is available by subscription only, $50/mo., cancel anytime

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