Are you branding your RB communications? 

This is another article in our series of how to use RB to market your business. Previously, we discussed using RB9 tags to market your business. This time we describe another way to use RB to market your business even if you don’t have RB Connect or award reward points for booking depos — the 2 most obvious ways of marketing your business with RB9.

For no additional cost, you can brand your communications that occur through RB to notify, remind, and reinforce your presence with your clients so they will think of you when looking for services and refer you to their peers.

What is branding?

Branding is a way to develop loyalty in clients to your company by establishing an image that is trustworthy and #1 in their thoughts when considering their legal support needs. Branding starts with adding your company name and logo everywhere it’s appropriate. But branding can also include things like:

  • Slogans (“Oldest court reporting firm in the state,” “Most reporters east of the Mississippi,” “Daily transcript updates,” etc.)
  • Lists or descriptions of services offered
  • Special offers

Where to add branding in RB

There are many branding options in basic RB functions:

Under Setup

Start with System Preferences > General > Email: Add your company logo, name, and slogan to your general email signature. RB allows you to upload a small image of your logo here. You can also style the text of your signature with fonts, weights, sizes, etc. to make it more distinctively yours. (If you have RB Connect, you can do this same branding on Send Invitation and Forgot Password emails in Connect Preferences.)
System Preferences > Calendar > Job Confirmations, Cancellations and Future Calendar: Customize these emails to include your company logo, name, and services. If you provide too many services to list, add services you want to highlight. (Future Calendar is an RB9 only function.)

System Preferences > Billing > Invoice > Email Message: Add your company logo, name, and slogan to your invoice email signature. Style the text to match your general email signature.

System Preferences > Receivables > Statement > Email Message: Add your company logo, name, and slogan to your statement email signature. Style the text to match your general email signature.

Invoice Messages: These are simple text only — so no company logo or styling options — but you can include your company name, slogan, services, and/or special offers. Make a set of different marketing messages. For example:

  • [Our company] now offers …
  • [Our company] has …
  • Pay before [date] and receive % credit on next depo/free gift
  • As a new client, order [another service] in the next 30 days and receive…

Then select a message when sending invoices. You could plan out a year of messages in advance with a different message for every month/billing cycle.

Under Tools

Form Templates: You can add your company logo & slogan to form letters and other templates. You can also add relevant services. If you create RB-PDF Transcripts, add your company’s branding to templates for cover sheets and errata sheets. (PDF Transcripts is an RB9 only function.)

Label Templates: If you use DYMO labels with RB9, you can use DYMO software to create label templates that include your company logo and slogan along with your company name and address. You can make as many templates as you like, then select any of them for labels.  (Envelopes and Labels is an RB9 only function.)

In personal functions

User Preferences: If you use the Personal Settings option instead of the System Preferences email settings, add your company logo, name, and slogan to your personal email signature. Style the text to match your general email signature.

Want more info?

If you want to find out more about using these functions, read the RB 101 lessons:

If you want to learn how to use these functions, read the RB9 User Guide.

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