Learn about RB9 with ReporterBase 101 

RB9 is a big program with over 120 functions to cover all areas of the unique business that is court reporting management. And those many functions have multiple features/capabilities, so it’s hard for anyone to know everything RB9 can do for their business. In fact, you might not even know everything it can do for you in the functions you use everyday.

If you knew more about what RB9 could do for you, you could work more efficiently, saving yourself time and your business $$$, so we have set up a website with lessons about every part of RB9.

Lessons on modules, functions, & concepts

ReporterBase 101 covers RB9’s modules, each module’s functions, and RB9 concepts in individual lessons. Currently, all functions and concepts related to the Calendar, Production, Billing, Inquiry, and Receivables modules are posted. There is also a glossary that defines unique RB9 terms, such as contact and resource.

New lessons are added every week. Existing lessons will be revised as additional capabilities or other changes in RB9 updates affect them.

ReporterBase 101 does not tell you how to use RB9. Refer to the contextual, interactive user guide within RB9 and the Help Center in the Team RB section of OMTI.com to learn how to use RB9. Instead, ReporterBase 101 explains how RB9 works and why you would use each of the functions in it.

Learn online or have lessons emailed to you

You can visit the site to read any RB9 lesson, and you can also sign up on the site to receive a free weekly RB9 lesson delivered to your inbox. Weekly email lessons cover a single module, function, or concept so you can expand your RB9 knowledge without a lot of effort. We won’t share your email address with anyone else, and you can cancel your email lessons anytime.

We hope you will find the new ReporterBase 101 helpful in getting the most out of your RB9 and share it with others in your organization who could benefit from it.

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