When viruses attack

It happens all the time:

When Viruses Attack

Remote employees can unknowingly contract a computer virus, and then infect your system when they log in.

Hackers infect the Internet with a new virus that clogs networks and shuts down servers worldwide. While we hope you haven’t been affected, these attacks are a reminder that you must protect yourself.

We at OMTI strongly recommend that you install and keep updated anti-virus software on all of your computers that access the Internet or that connect to computers that access the Internet.

This includes the computers of any telecommuters, such as court reporters, who access your system remotely. Reporters can unknowingly contract a computer virus, and then infect an unprotected court reporting firm’s system when they log in.

Unfortunately, computer viruses are a fact of modern life. Because Microsoft is the dominant operating system worldwide, their programs are attractive targets for hackers who want to cause mischief.

For RB users, this includes:

• your computer operating system,

• your Internet browser,

• your SQL Server, and

• Microsoft Office programs.

These programs are not covered by your ReporterBase support contract and are your responsibility to maintain.

While no application can guarantee 100% protection, you can minimize your risk by:

  1. having the latest anti-virus software active throughout your system, and
  2. backing up your RB data daily following our recommended back-up routine.

For more information on the latest virus attacks and what to do to protect your system, visit the Microsoft website.


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