Did you know you can send eFaxes from RB9?

Did You Know?

For those times when you need to send an RB confirmation, invoice, or statement via fax you can set up RB9/RB Lite to send an eFax using RB’s Email method:

  1. Allow the email address you will be sending FROM in your eFax service.
  2. In RB9/RB Lite in the New Notification Email section of the entity’s listing, select which Notification Type(s) you want to send via fax. Then add your contact’s/firm’s fax number as the email address using this format:

For example if the client’s fax number is 832-555-1234 and you use MyFax (https://www.myfax.com/) as your eFax vendor, enter 18325551234@myfax.com.

  • Enter the fax number with no hyphens or spaces.
  • Most fax vendors require the international code prior to the fax number, 1 is for USA.
New Notification Email example

New Notification Email example

Now in this example if you send a confirmation, invoice, or statement email in RB9/RB Lite to 18325551234@myfax.com, the eFax service will send your email to 832-555-1234 as a fax.

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