2023: Year in review

RB9 2023 ReviewWe started 2023 with a major RB9 release on January 1st. And we ended the year with another major update on November 6th. In between we updated your RB system to work with the latest Microsoft email protocols and Zoom API. And we completed our second SOC 2 security audit.

Two major RB9 updates

This year’s updates included systemwide improvements, new and updated features in all RB modules, and 5 new functions. Systemwide improvement highlights were the ability to sort results by multiple columns, enter unlimited text amounts in more fields, and have RB open up to 5 functions on startup. Updated features included the ability to assign preferred resources in Quick Assignments, enter both Zoom and in-person locations for depos, and search all open pay adjustments.

The 5 new functions added this year were:

Tasks (Monthly View): Similar to Jobs (Monthly View), you can view tasks as items on an interactive calendar page instead of in a list.

Send Payment Receipts: Send clients customized receipts acknowledging posted payments.

Send Invitations: Email new contacts or resources customized invitations to RB Connect that automatically includes their login credentials.

Override Resource Pay Inquiry: Search historical data about override pay separately from the resource pay total.

Billing Sheets: Search and download billing sheets that resources turned in using RB Connect.

Want to know more about 2023 updates?

Review the entire 2023 update list on our website. Learn more about the new and updated functions on the RB 101 website. And download the RB9 User Guide for step-by-step instructions.

Our second SOC 2 audit 

In 2022 OMTI completed our first SOC 2 compliance audit. And we successfully completed our second annual audit this year. These third-party audits give you verified proof of the safety of the our systems and processes — something that is critical for handling confidential information over the internet.

Read the Idea Salad articles for an overview of a SOC 2 audit and details of our first audit. We can provide the latest report to anyone who is interested in the details.

Let’s make 2024 even better

We are committed to the continued improvement and security of RB9, RB Lite, RB Connect and RB Connect Mobile. We will keep you updated on our progress through our website and these newsletters.

You can help us improve your RB system by sharing your suggestions and ideas with us. Use the Idea Collaborator to give us your wish list for RB9 and add your feedback to other users’ suggestions. Our development team uses the Idea Collaborator to help determine new features to work on and ideas with the strongest community support get top priority.

Finally, we are here for you. If you have any questions or need help, you can always contact us.

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